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In my opinion
It seems to me that
As far as I am concerned
I think/ assume/ feel/ fear that
I certainly think
I go along with the idea
As far as I can see
In my view
I am of the opinion that...
to me
I personally believe
I am quite sure
From my point of view
As I see it
to have/ take/adopt/ defend the point of view of...
to support/back/side with/ sympathize with someone for
to reprove/blame/ reproach/ criticize someone for
to be sympathetic/compassionate/ lenient/ humane/ friendly towards somebody
to be annoyed/n indignant/ angry/ furious with somebody/at something
to feel sympathy for/against/antipathy towards/ hostility against/ dislike for/ distaste for/ indignation at/ anger at/ exasperation at
Frage: expressing a personal opinion
Paket: Useful phrases for discussion and composition



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