Englisch vocabulary in use unit 11

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I missed the bus OR i didn,t catch the bus
a serious injury
She was bitterly disappointed with her exam result
to start a car
to start a family
to tell a story / a joke
to tell the truth
to miss a person
to miss a lesson
to get on a bus
to get off a bus
to waste time / money
a soft drink
a soft / loud voice
a strong / slight accent
strong / weak coffee
dry / sweet wine
dry / wet weather
haevy traffic
heavy rain
a heavy smoker
hard work
a hard questions
a great success
We hat a great time
I,m terribly sorry to bother you
She is well aware of the problem
It is vitally important to take notes
He is fast asleep
She was awake a minute ago
to keep pets
1 mouse / 2 mice
a rabbit
1 sheep / 2 sheep
a goat
a pig
in the zoo
in the wild
a camel with two humps
a bear
to be bitten by a tiger
a leopard
a gorilla
an elephant with a trunk
a lion
a monkey with a long tail
an ape
a zebra with stripes
a giraffe
to be in danger of extinction
to protect
a bee
an ant
to be stung by a mosquito
a butterly flutters by
1 fly / 2 flies
a spider in a spider web
a creature
to move along the ground
a whale
a shark with a fin
an eagle with a wing
a snail with a snail shell
a slug
a venomous snake
to purchase
to apprehend a murderer
to commence
to resume
I regret to inform you that we are unable to come.
If you require further assistance, please contact my secretary
Please proceed to gate 36
to pick up the kids
I reckon we,ll get the money pretty soon
I,m going to the loo
Do you fancy going out?
to fix up an appointment
This comes in handy
a terrific book
Pam is bright, but Bree is thick
Waht,s up?
to get in touch with sb
to get to the hotel
to have a word with sb
ten quid
a guy
a bike
piss off!
he was pissed
It,s pissing with rain

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