Business Benchmark Unit 19

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people taking time off work when
they should be there

reductions made in order to save money

put into operation
machine tool

tool which uses power to cut and
shape strong materials
peak time

the busiest time
rush hour

the busy part of the day when people
are travelling to and from work, and
towns and cities are crowded
sick leave

absence from work through illness or
when you say you are ill because you do
not want to go to work
staff retention

keeping employees and persuading
them not to work for another company
staff turnover

the number of employees leaving their
jobs and new ones starting in a company
take for granted

believe something to be the truth
without thinking about it
tie it into my work

plan it to ?t what I have to do


stressed and easily annoyed
working party

small group of people which studies
a particular problem or situation and
then reports on what it has discovered
and gives suggestions
working practice

way of working
work-life balance

the amount of time you spend at
work compared with your free time

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