Professional skills

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What are theories of motivation?
Which of the following activities are intrinsically motivating?
1.Studying because you want to get a good grade.
2.Participating in a sport because you find the activity enjoyable.
3.Solving an organizational problem because you find the challenge exciting.
4.Participating in a sport to win awards.
Equity theory
Expectancy theory
Reinforcement theory
Goal setting theory
Stages of group development
Storming: define roles and responsibilities

What is cohesiveness?

When is it bad for the teams performance?
Barriers to cohesiveness
What are some issues in a team?
Social loafing
Brainstorming rules
Giving feedback rules
Leader’s competence toolkit
What are the 4 dimensions and 4 roles of leadership?
Let’s talk about meetings

Make meetings efficient and effective
Types of power
Formal power
Personal power
Personal power
Emotional Bank Account:
no deposit no withdrawal
Emotional Bank : deposits
What’s organizational culture?
Understand your stakeholders
win stakeholder support through planned actions
Power and dependency
Relationship - personal power
Task - formal power
Leadership dimensions

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