FCE - Unit 6

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the concern

to concern

as far as I am concerned, ...
to keel over (bike)

to faint

to bring s.one round
to drop by or
to drop in on him
to cut across

to cut down (on) sth....

to cut in

to cut off
to store up sth

to compete (against sone)
the competition

the competence
individual parts of the watch:

the hour hand
the minute hand
the face
the strap
the case
it is no good (calling her)

it is no use (waiting for her)

there is no point in waiting for her
an accountant

the plumper is installing the washing machine

I am concerned with the selection of the wallpaper
to let sby down
to let sth down

to let sth off
to let sby off sth

to let out (the cat)
to remove / take off

to plug in

to adjust

to switch on / off
a wire / a cable
the packaging
a groove
the surface

to tilt sth

to assemble sth
arrive in ...

arrive at...

drive sby out of her mind

sth very ingenious

a draught

a garden hose

multi-purpose- ...


the avalanche
the reassurance /
to reassure sby

to deceive sby

to be tremendous
sth is due to do....

among eachother

to conceive

it is adapted by sby

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