FCE - Unit 7

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a jerrycan


a rifle

a store of / to store sth
the entire population

bad visibility

the spare / to spare

steam / steamer

sensation of...

to keel over

to shiver

the sweat
to sweat it out

a pond
to pond (sth)

it was no good
sth is stifling

sth rickety

a bog

to bring about (this brought about the war)
to bring in (bring in new law)
to bring off (a race)
to bring out (meaning)
to bring round (a colleague)
to bring up (well-brought)
redunancy pay

what did you undergone...

to whistle
scrambled egg
to pour off

with ease
shabby and scruffy
damp paper
be able to...
be capable of...

I am bad in remembering
I have difficulty in finding...

She insisted on paying
You prevent me from ...
to examine

to mistake, mistook, mistaken

to be hostile
a twig

to be paralysed

sth is excruciating

to wriggle
I was very interested in...
I should like to apply for ...
in reference to your ad...
I consider myself to be ....

If you would like to attend an interview, I would be able to come at any time convenient to you...
draw s.ones attention to ...

"may I draw your attention..."

a percept / a perception
to wrap myself up

to clothe myself

to make an effort

It is nothing in it!

a lecture
to lecture

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