FCE - Unit 8

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to share between two

to share among eachother

a share

gab so by the scruff (of the neck)
to get it straight

do the chores

made tired and weak

put on a brave face

my own property
I must be home at 11.30 sharp

he is bound over for 3 months

a gulf beween two persons

not to to budge a inch

I will look in next week

Police are looking into several burglaries

But look out!

Look through the contract before

She has always looked up to ...
lot of

to cut gras with a machine

to speak angrily to so

I would swap all that, if...
the inital shock wore off

she shrugged us off

to admit sth or deny sth

indeed, ...
he is getting on very well in his job

how do you get on with them?

I want to get out of speaking German
he has not got over the shock

find the time for doing sth

I could not get through, the line was engaged
the more, the merrier!

the sooner, the better!

the older you get, the wiser you become
initial / initially / to initiate

first / at first sight /
for the first time

primary / of primary importance

the beginning / at the very beginning / from the beginning
In the beginning
I do not care

I do not mind

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