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Story Nr.01 Register new user in webplatform
Story Nr.02 Add captcha to registration form page
Story Nr.03 Validate input fields in registration form
Story Nr.04 user sign in into his /her account
Story Nr.05 User account operations
Story Nr.06 insert new application
Story Nr.07 delete application
Story Nr.08 search for application
Story Nr.09 validate insert new application
Story Nr. 10 print selection
Story Nr. 11 user account office page
Story Nr. 12 user account office page printview
Story Nr. 13 user account office page view stats
Story Nr. 14 user account office page delete user account
Story Nr. 15 user account office page allow to be contacted by companys
Story Nr. 16 compose letters from application
Story Nr. 17 compose email
Story Nr. 17 user account office page edit , search delete application
Story Nr. 18 Logout
Story Nr. 19 administration page
Story Nr. 19 administration page send info letters to user
Story Nr. 19 administration page
Story 23 write simple error page
Story 24 Login form
Story 25 Password recovery for login page
Story 26 Authenticate user
Story 27 Access denied
Story 28 News ticker on main page
Story 29 User Activation story
Story 30 User double registration checking
Story 31 list job applications for a user

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