English Lingua 21 A1

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first -

the first day
friend -

Greet old and new frinds.
greet -

Fiona is waiting to greet them.
have -

Please have a seat.
Hello -

Hello Thomas.
help -

Can I help you?
how -

How are you?
how -
is - Is this the English class?
meet - Nice to meet you.
member - members of the English class
name - My name is Mario
new - new members of the class
nice - Nice to meet you
of - The first day of the English class.
old - Greet old friends.
please - Please come in.
short - We normally use short forms.
teacher - Fiona is their English teacher.
thank you - Fine, thank you.
their - Their Eglish teacher is waiting.
them - Fiona is waiting to greet them.
this - Is this the English class with Mrs. Jones?
too - Nice to meet you, too.
you - Nice to see you.

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