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to attend a school
nursery school
secondary school
secondary modern school
comprehensive school
grammar school
sixth form college
preparatory school
public school
state school / maintained school
special school
boarding school
middle school
junior high
senior high
high school
vocational school
vocational college / trade school
commercial / business school
commercial / business college
technical college
advanced technical college
higher education
to get a place at a university
the Open University
on campus
the Department of English
medical school
art academy
theological seminary
research institute
Sunday school
to enrol on a course
correspondence course
night school
further education / adult education
optional subject
compulsory subject
to attend / take / do a course
fine arts
physical education
health education
home ec
to stick to the syllabus
to depart from the syllabus
listening comprehension
reading comprehension
essay / paper / theme composition
to write an essay theme on homelessness
to cheat in an exam
to copy from a neighbour
to pass
to get a pass in history
He passed with honours.
university graduates
high school graduate
to graduate
She graduated last year.
graduation ceremony
report / report card
He holds a diploma in economics.
Who taught you that?
to teach English to children
foreign-language teaching
to train
well / poorly trained teachers
training programme
vocational training
instruction material(s)
to give / take English lessons
to motivate the students to learn
the students lack motivation
I learned that at school.
to learn a poem by heart
to study a subject
I need more time for study.
to read the text silently / aloud
She read philosophy at Oxford.
audiovisual aids
to set / assign homework
What have you got for homework?
homework assignments
We have music in the third period.
to note it down in the class register
Can we have some Quiet, please.
to give out / hand out the books / texts
Take out your books.
Open your books at / to page 57.
Shut / Close your books, please.
to act out a dialogue
Will you read the part of the witch?
Look at the third paragraph.
Better make some notes.
to summarizie the plot
a brief / short summary of the text
to find a heading for the story
I want you to copy this down.
Make sure you write legibly / clearly.
Whose turn is it next?
Next one, please.
to work in groups of four
Speak up, please.
Could you speak a little louder.
Try to speak more clearly.
Say / Repeat after me..
Say it once again, please.
No prompting, please.
Go to the blackboard, please.
a piece of chalk
to rub / wipe something off
to clean the board
overhead projector / OHP
Have you finished?
Has everyone handed in their test?
We will finish it off next time.
For your homework would you do...

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