English prepositions

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She works _ _ hospital.
He works _ BBC in London.
I like to listen _ music.
He is _ genious. (er ist genial)
Do you often watch TV? No, we do not, but we sometimes watch the news _ TV.
She is married _ an Australian.
Did you see him _ morning or _ night?
What have we got _ our brunch?
She often work at _ weekend.s
Where were you? We were _ school.
I think we should _ _ our plan again before we tell the managing director.
Our deal with the Chinese company may _ _ .
She did not _ _ with her boss, so she left the company.
If they do not give us a better price, we will _ _ their offer.
I am afraid we have to _ _ (sich abfinden mit) a new contract tomorrow.
Our lawyers are going to _ _ a new contract tomorrow.
Nobody knows _ sure.
He died _ a mysterious shotting accident that morning.
Mary led a secret life _ crime before she was caught.
I only attacked the young man _ self-defence.
The robbers met to plan the bank raid _ secret.
The old houses opposite are going to be _ _ .
Please _ _ the rubbish because the dustman is coming tomorrow.
I am counting _ you!
I can not put these plants in pots. I have run _ _ earth.
I have been planting trees all day and I am _ _.
A lot of tiles _ _ our roof after the high wind.
The car went out of control and _ _ hitting a lamppost.
Have you _ _ with any new ideas for advertising the new products?
The hotel room _ _ over a beautiful garden.
We did not _ to the station in time to catch the train.
Take the bus and _ _ at Oxfort Circus.
I was tooo tired to _ my suitcase and hang my clothes in the wardrobe.
The robbers got _ with $5.000 in cash.
Why did you decide to _ _ the match?
Every day his mother _ him _ from school.
It is going to take some time to _ _ this problem.
Looking after sick animals _ _ a lot of her time.
My Dad _ _ my homework before I handed it in.
Do you know who carried _ this terrible crime?
He _ _ (aussteigen) of the course because he found a job in marketing.
He _ _ (aussteigen) the bus.
The large dog in the doorway put me _ entering the building.
You do not have to pay now. You can _ _ at the end of the month.
When you saw Jack at the dance, what did he _ on?
I do not think that purple shirt _ with your yellow skirt.
Your diet was a success! You look wonderfully _ !
I am putting _ money every week to buy a new sports jacket.
Those children next door are _ a lot of noise.
Can you _ me a favour? I need some help with the garden.
When something goes wrong, people always _ the blame on me!
I would like to _ your attention to these instructions.
This milk tastes funny. I do not think it is fresh anymore - I think it has _ _
Barry resigned from his job in order to go back to university - Barry _ _ his job
She has always dreamt of starting her own business. She has always dreamt of _ _.
I need a new pair of boots. These ones have grown so old that they are useless. These ones have _ _ .
The plane _ _ and was soon high over the city.
This clock _ on two small batteries.
Do not forget to _ your alarm clock for 6.30.
It _ out that I had made the mistake... .

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