Englisch BEC Higher Vocabular

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Abwesenheit von der Arbeit

emoloyees not being at work when they schould be
zur Verfügung stellen

give something to someone as their share of a total amount, for them to use in a particular way

examine someone or something in order to judge their qualities, success or needs
die Bilanzaufstellung

statement that shows the value of a companys assets an its debts
die Markenbekanntheit

knowledge of a particular make of product
unangemeldete Kundenansprache

when a person in business telephones or visits a possible customer to try to sell them something without being asked by the customer to do so

the prices, services, etc. are as good as, or better than, other companys prices, services, etc.
die Kundenbetreuung

protection and service provided to customers
auf spezielle Kaufreaktion abgestellte Werbung

form of advertising designed to obtain a direct response between the viewer and the advertiser: the customer responds to the marketer directly
Begleichung einer Schuld

pay a debt completely
die Kundentreue

when a customer favours a certain brand or company over others
der Wertverlust / die Abschreibung

loss of calue of an asset such as machinery over time

bekanntgeben / offenbaren

make something known publicly, or show something that was secret
die Internetfirma

Internet company
etwas ausarbeiten

prepair something, usually somthing official, in writing
etwas steigern (Qualität, Wert)

improve the quality, amount our strenght of something

rises and falls in the currencies of other countries
das Gerät / der Apparat

small device or machine with a particular purpose

aim or purpose
der Kuhhandel

negotiation which requires bargaining and each side reducing their demands
in Vorbereitung

being planned and developed
die Gewinnmarge

amount by which revenue from sales exceeds cost of sales

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