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1.Please, name the three criteria for market segmentation according to Abell.
2. In which sequence should these three criteria be applied in modern marketing?
3. A product´ s position is the way the product is defined by . . . on important attributes
4. A product´ s position is the complex set of . . . that consumers have for the product compared with competing products.
5. Thus, positioning begins with actually . . . the company´ s marketing offer so that it will give consumers more value than competitors´ offers do.
6. A company or market offer can be differentiated along the lines of . . . Please give examples:
7. Beyond differentiating its physical product, a firm can also differentiate the . . . that accompany the product.
8. Firms that practice channel differentiation gain competitive advantage through the way they design their channel´ s coverage, expertise, and performance. Please name three companies following this diferentiation strategy:
9. Companies can gain a strong competitive advantage through people differentiation by . . .
10. Even when competing offers look the same, buyers may perceive a difference based on company or brand image differentiation. Please, name three European examples.:
11. Many marketers think that companies should aggressively promote only one benefit to the target market. Other marketers think that companies should position themselves on more than one differentiator. What is your opinion? And why?:
12. In general, a company needs to avoid three major positioning errors. Please name them:
13. A company must carefully select the ways in which it will distinguish itself from competitors. A difference is worth establishing to the extent that it satisfies the following criteria:
14. The full positioning of a brand is called the brand´ s. . . - the full mix of benefits upon which the brand is positioned.
15. When chosing a company´ s target marketing strategy, which item is not part of the list of dependencies:
16. What does the postioning strategy MORE FOR THE SAME mean?
17. Dell Computer claims to have better products and lower prices for a given level of performance. This positioning is called:
18. To busy professionals who need to stay organized, Palm Pilot is an electronic organizer that allows you to back up files on your PC more easily and reliably than competitive products" is called a:
19. Once it has chosen a position, the company must take strong steps to . . . the desired position to target consumers.
20. A market segment is attractive if . . .
21. A market segment is attractive if the existance or the potential of substitute products is . . .
22. A market segment is attractive if the power of buyers is . . .
23. A market segment is attractive if the power of supliers is . . .
24. A market segment is attractive if the potential of new competitors is . .
25. A target market consists of a set of buyers who share common . . . that the company decides to serve.
26. Using an undifferentiated marketing strategy, a firm might decide to ignore market segment differences and target the whole market with one offer. This strategy is also called:
27. Using a differentiated marketing strategy, a firm decides to target several market segments and designs separate offers for each. This strategy is also called:
28. A third market-coverage strategy, concentrated marketing, is especially appealing when company resources are limited. This strategy is also called:
29. Micromarketing is the practice of tailoring products and marketing programs to suit the tastes of specific . . .
30. In the extreme, micromarketing becomes individual marketing-tailoring products and marketing programs to the needs and preferences of individual customers. Individual marketing has also been labeled:
31. The process through which firms interact one-to-one with masses of customers to create customer-unique value by designing products and services tailor-made to individual needs is called:

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