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1. Advertising consists of one-way, nonpersonal communication with target consumer groups. In contrast, . . . involves two-way, personal communication between salespeople and individual customers
2. The sales force serves as a critical link between a company and its customers. In many cases, salespeople serve both masters - the seller and the . . .
3. First, . . . represent the company to customers. At the same time, they represent customers to the company.
4. Salespeople should be concerned with more than just producing sales - they should work with others in the company to produce customer satisfaction and company . . .
5. The selling process consists of seven steps: Prospecting and qualifying, preapproach, approach, presentation and demonstration, handling objections, closing, delivering, and follow-up. Which step is wrong?
6. The first step in the selling process is prospecting - identifying . . . potential customers.
7. The salesperson must often approach many . . . to get just a few sales.
8. Salespeople also need to know how to . . . Leads - that is, how to identify the good ones and screen out the poor ones.
8. Before calling on a prospect, the salesperson should learn as much as possible about the organization (what it needs, who is involved in the buying) and its buyers (their characteristics and buying styles). This step is known as the . . .
9. Which step involves the salesperson s appearance, opening lines, and the follow-up remarks?
10. During the . . . step of the selling process, the salesperson tells the product "story" to the buyer, presenting customer benefits and showing how the product solves the customer s problems.
11. In handling objections, the salesperson should use a . . . approach, seek out hidden objections, ask the buyer to clarify any objections, take objections as opportunities to provide more information, and turn the objections into reasons for buying.
12. After handling the prospect s objections, the salesperson now tries to . . . the sale.
13. The last step in the selling process - called . . . - is necessary if the salesperson wants to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business.
14. The . . . usually plays an important role in building and managing long-term customer relationships.
15. Direct marketing consists of . . . with carefully targeted individual consumers to both obtain an immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationships.
16. Whereas most companies use direct marketing and the Internet as supplemental approaches, firms employing the direct model use it as the only approach. Name some.
17. For ..., direct marketing is convenient, easy to use, and private.
18. For . . ., direct marketing is a powerful tool for building customer relationships.
19. A customer database is an organized collection of comprehensive data about individual customers or prospects, including:
20. The . . . can help a company make attractive offers of product replacements, upgrades, or complementary products, just when customers might be ready to act.
21. Companies must invest in computer hardware, database software, analytical programs, communication links, and . . .
22. The major forms of direct marketing include personal selling, telephone marketing, direct-mail marketing, catalog marketing, direct-response television marketing, kiosk marketing, shop-in-the-schop marketing, and online marketing. Which marketing form is wrong in this context?
23. Marketers can use . . . telephone marketing to sell directly to consumers and businesses.
24. Telephone marketing annoys many consumers, who object to the almost daily:
25. Sending an offer, announcement, reminder, or other item to a person at a particular address, is called:
26. Direct mail is well suited to direct, . . . communication.
27. Smart marketers are using permission-based programs, sending e-mail ads only to those who . . .
28. A printed, bound piece of at least eight pages, selling multiple products, and offering a direct ordering mechanism is called:
29. Name the leading direct-response television marketing company in Germany.
30. Television viewers often encounter 30-minute advertising programs for a single product. This is also called:
31. Home shopping channels are another form of . . . television marketing
32. Some companies place information and ordering machines - called . . . in stores, airports, and other locations.
33. Integrated direct marketing involves carefully coordinated multiple-media, multiple-stage, multiple-choice campaigns. Which phrase is wrong?
34. The direct-marketing industry is facing growing concerns about . . . issues
35. Today it seems that almost every time consumers enter a sweepstakes, apply for a credit card, take out a magazine subscription, or order products by mail, telephone, or the Internet, their names are entered into some company`s already bulging database. Using sophisticated computer technologies, direct marketers can use these databases to . . . their selling efforts.

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