English - 2. Semester; Glossary Unit 5

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The manager with the most authority concerning technology

a) one part of something

b) one part used in making a piece of equipment

to move computer software or information from one computing device to another
a) a new product that was not available before

b) when something is made or designed for the first time
a science that combines computer technology and chemistry to build things from atoms.
a complete change in ways of thinking, methods of working, etc.
the process or business of sending and receiving information by telephone, television, internet, etc.
to move computer software or information from one computing device to another especially from a local computer to a central server or network.
a number of people who receive a written or spoken message
a large sign, usually outdoors, used for advertising
a series of actions intended to achieve a particular result
an advertisement on television, radio or at the cinema
an atttractive arrangement of objects for people to look at or buy, for example in a shop
a public event where business and other organisations show their products or services
the (mass) media are alle the different ways of entertaining and giving information to the public and advertising goods, for example, television, radio, newspaper and the internet
an act of explaining and showing how a product works or how something is done
when the maker of a product arranges for it to appear or be used in a film or television programme, as a form of advertising
an activity such as special advertisements or free gifts intendet to sell a product or service
the activity of telling the public about an organisation, person, product, etc. So that people think of them in a good way.
to give information about something to the public, so that tehy know about
to give money to pay for a television programme, a sports, or arts event, training, etc. in exchange for advertising or to get public attention
the practice of telephoning people in order to sell things
a lawyer, especially one who represents clients and speaks in court
money that a court orders someone to pay someone else for harming them or their property, or causing them financial loss
the person or organisation in a court of law accused of doing something illegal or of causing harm to another person
amount of money paid to a professional person or organisation for their services
a charge, claim or complaint against a person or an organisation that is made in a court of law by a private person or company, not by the police or state
the process of taking a case or a claim against a person or organisation to a court of law
the service in a company or organisation that looks after all matters relating to questions of law
to take a claim or complaint against a person or organisation to a court of law
an agreement to resolve a dispute before it is taken to court
to make a legal claim against someone, especially for an amount of money, because you have been harmed in some way.

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