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market n

We normally go to the local market to buy fresh
pints n /paInts/ Can I have two pints of beer, please?
a dozen eggs n /@ %dVzn "egz/ I’m going to buy a dozen
eggs because the kids love omelettes.
a kilo of potatoes n / We eat
too many chips so don’t buy a kilo of potatoes.
quantities (pl of quantity) n /If you eat large
quantities of fruit and vegetables, you’ll feel healthy.
shopping list n

I think we should write a
shopping list because we need so many things.
roll n

I’d like a small, bread roll and a large loaf, please.
a loaf of bread n

How much is a loaf of
bread in that baker’s?
everything pron

She has a beautiful house, a great family and
lots of money so she has everything she needs.
Let’s see

Let’s see what’s on TV before we decide to go
out tonight.
anything pron

They don’t want anything to eat;
they’ve just had lunch.
for goodness sake!

Hurry up, for goodness sake! We’re going to be late again!
nappy n

The baby is crying. Can you change his nappy?
a bunch of flowers n

That florist
is cheap. A bunch of flowers only costs £2.
half adj, n / adj

These apples cost 80p and those
cost 40p so they’re half the price.
a spoonful n

She doesn’t normally like sugar but
she has a spoonful in black coffee.
anybody pron

We can’t find anybody to
help us, there is nobody here.
anyone pron

Is there anyone who can tell
me what time the game starts?
glasses n pl

I’ve lost my glasses and I can’t see a thing without
bored adj

I’m bored of this game. Shall we play something
interesting adj

This is an interesting book, full of new
amazing adj

eBay is amazing. You can buy almost
anything you want on it.
invented pp

This iPod was invented by Apple in 2001.
global adj

Most countries in the world want to be part of a
global economy.
for sale

Is that house for sale or is it for rent?
seller n

That book is a best seller. It has sold thousands
of copies.
jewellery n

What kind of jewellery does she prefer: rings
or necklaces?
clothing n

Let’s buy some warm clothing for our
mountain trip.
strange adj

My neighbours are rather strange.
They never speak to me.
scientist n

She’s a scientist and she’s
researching animal cloning.
create v

To make the restaurant a success, we need to create
the right atmosphere.
website n

MySpace is a very popular website.
businesses n pl

Her uncle has got 2 different businesses: a
shoe shop and a travel agent’s.
hobby n

Do you think many people collect stamps or coins as a
mechanic n

Do you know a good mechanic; my
car has broken down again?
collect v

He likes to collect souvenirs from different
clever idea n

What a clever idea! I would
never have thought of it!
cost n, v

How much does that hat cost?
delicious adj

We love Thai food. It’s really delicious.

If you go to
Istanbul, you have to bargain for things in the Grand Baazar.
brands n

A lot of people think it’s important to buy the top
designer brands.
international adj

The Spanish clothes shop Zara
started locally but now it is an international company.
fine (= good quality) adj

There are some fine restaurants in the
product n

Which product is better, this DVD player or the
grown pp

We don’t like the vegetables at the supermarket.
We prefer them if they are grown locally.
locally adv

There is nothing to do locally so I
usually go into the city.
exactly adv

My car is a white Mercedes which is exactly the
same as yours.
contrast n

There is a big contrast between European
and North African lifestyles.
change n

Could you lend me some coins because I
haven’t got any change?
canal n

Have you ever been on a canal trip in Venice?
busy adj

Can you call me back later because I’m
busy at the moment?
colourful adj

That market is so colourful: reds,
greens and yellows!
noisy adj

Shall we go somewhere quieter? It’s too noisy in this bar.
fascinating adj

We’ve never seen anything like this
before. It’s really fascinating.
huge adj

Ronaldhino earns a huge salary. He gets millions of
dollars a week.
cooker n

I can’t make you lunch because my cooker has
traditional adj

It’s traditional to have a big lunch on
Christmas Day.
wooden adj

A wooden door is stronger than a glass one.
float v

Have you ever seen the markets in Bangkok which
float on water?
village n

Caroline lives in a small village. She doesn’t like big cities.
peaceful adj

We like the park near our house because it is
peaceful and quiet.
narrow adj

You can’t drive a car down that street. It is
too narrow.
bridge n

To get to the other side of the river you have to cross
over the bridge.
be packed with

The new restaurant is
always full. It is packed with young, trendy people.
stalls n pl

There are many cheap clothes stalls in that market.
choose v

There are so many beautiful clothes that it’s difficult to
antique n

Sheila bought an antique carpet in Morocco it
is really old.
pavement n

There are so many cars parked on this
pavement that people can’t walk along it.
furniture n

Her flat is almost empty and she hasn’t got
much furniture.
covered (with sth) adj
The mountains
were completely covered with snow.
cloth n

Could you make a jacket from that cloth?
pick from (= choose from) v

There were so
many different colours to pick from; she found it difficult to decide.
soaps n pl

These soaps smell lovely. I think I’ll wash my hands.
herb n pl

Oregano isn’t a spice; it’s a herb.
forget v

Don’t forget to ring your parents when you arrive.
endless adj

We’ve been travelling for weeks. This journey
seems endless.
backpack n

If you’re going to travel around the world for
a year, you need a good backpack.
picnic n

The weather is good so we could eat a picnic
film set n

The Beach, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio,
had a very exotic film set.
ancient adj

There are some ancient buildings in
the city from the 4th century.
desert n

Marrakesh is in the middle of a desert.
square n

Have you ever been to Trafalgar Square in London?
aromatic adj

That coffee is very aromatic. It has a
strong smell.
spice n

They haven’t put any spice in that dish because they
gold n
Does Cathy prefer silver or gold; I want to buy her a ring?
silver n When the moon shines it has a silver colour.
carpet n They bought a new carpet to put on their living room
rug n

There are no carpets in our room so we bought a rug
for the floor.
count (your money) v

they give you back your change, you should count your money carefully.
belt n

You need a belt with those trousers.
deodorant n

Don’t forget to have a shower and put
some deodorant on after you’ve been running.
parcel n

The post office sent me a note to say I had to collect a
aspirin n

Have you got an aspirin; I’ve got a bad headache?
doughnut n

He mustn’t eat cakes, sugar or jam; so
don’t give him a doughnut.
tissue n

I can’t stop sneezing have you got a tissue?
scales n pl

You need to weigh it on the scales to see how heavy it is.
a book of stamps n

Can you go to
the post office and buy a book of stamps?
shaving foam n

Frank needs to shave but he hasn’t
got any shaving foam.
chemist’s (shop) n

Can you go to the
chemist’s and get me some aspirin?
customer n

If you are a shop assistant, remember
the customer is always right.
cashier n

The cashier in the bank
was helpful, she exchanged my Euros.
sore throat

Sally can’t speak. She’s got a sore
allergic adj

Vince can’t come to your house because you’ve got
three cats and he’s allergic to them.
size n

Many top models are a size 36, which is too thin.
changing room n

If you want to try on that
jacket there is a changing room over there.
pound (pounds sterling) n

only take euros not British pounds.
dollar n

What’s the exchange rate between the euro and the US
cent n

Is one pence the same value as one cent in the US?
euro n

The British still use the pound. I don’t know why they won’t
change to the euro.
exchange rate n

It’s expensive to travel to
England because the exchange rate is bad at the moment.
sterling n

I’d like to change these euros in to pounds sterling,
currency n

Is the currency of Japan called the yen?
a litre of petrol n

They’ve stopped using
the car because a litre of petrol costs so much at the moment.
cash (a cheque) v

You can cash those
traveller’s cheques in the hotel.
traveller’s cheque n

I’d like to cash a traveller’s
cheque for $ 200.
commission n

It isn’t a good idea to exchange money at
the airport; they will charge us commission.
adult n

You have to be an adult to buy cigarettes or alcohol
in this shop.
certainly adv

Marrakesh is certainly the best place to go shopping
in Morocco.
luxurious adj

That five star hotel is really luxurious.
spectacular adj

The view from the top of the
mountain is spectacular.

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