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train v

Do you need to train a lot to be a good professional
hope n

He left school too early but he has the hope he can go
back one day.
ambition n

Her ambition was to become the
greatest tennis player.
vet n

Our cat isn’t well so we’d better take her to the vet.
grade n

She got a good grade in the exam; about 78%.
exam n

They did a test in January and the final exam is in
I’m thinking of

I haven’t decided about my holiday yet but I’m thinking of
going to Australia.
be tired of adj

They’re tired of living in a cold
climate so they’re going to move to Sydney.
looking forward to (doing sth)

We can’t wait to go to the concert. We’re really looking
forward to it.
cruise n

They love ships; this year they’re going on a cruise
down the Nile.
primary school n

In this
country, children stay at primary school until they are 12 and then go to
secondary school.
headaches n

Too much stress can cause headaches
and other health problems.
plan (to do sth) v

thought about where to live so I plan to find a house near the sea.
bored adj

We’re bored of doing the same thing everyday.
get married v

If you get married, will you invite me
to the wedding?
lend v

I can lend you the book but can you give it back tomorrow?
save money

Alice can’t save money. She spends it
all as soon as she has some.
promise v

I never promise to do something if I don’t
think I can do it.
heavy adj

Carl had a heavy discussion with his dad. It
was very serious.
boots n pl

She prefers to wear boots in the winter because they
keep your feet warmer.
give sb a ring (= call sb on the phone) coll

Here’s my phone number so you can give me a ring when you get
secret n

It’s a secret so don’t tell anyone.
tell a secret v

If I tell a secret, will
you promise to keep it?
post (letters / parcels) v

Could you go to the post office
and post this letter before 6?
arrange v

Why don’t we arrange a time to meet next
problem n

There is no easy solution to this problem.
chorus n

The main part of the song is good but the
chorus is very repetitive.
trust n, v

We don’t trust Michelle. She
never tells the truth.
brat n

My teenage daughter is a horrible,
rebellious brat.
camp n

Some parents send their kids on a summer camp
when school finishes.
rebel (against sb or sth) v

Teenagers love to rebel against their parents and annoy them.
tell a lie v

We could tell a lie, but I prefer to tell the truth.
lie n

It’s a lie; he isn’t telling the truth!
steal v

Someone tried to steal my wallet.
play truant (= not go to school) v

We will phone your parents mobile if you don’t come to school and
play truant.
take drugs v

More boys smoke, drink and
take drugs than girls.
argue (with sb) v

It’s normal for
teenagers to argue with their parents about things.
swearing n

At this school we won’t tolerate bad language
or swearing.
fighting n

Fighting isn’t a good idea because you
might get hurt.
bullying n

They are shocked by the number of children who
are victims of bullying at school.
alcohol n

You can’t buy cigarettes or alcohol if you are
under 18.
cheating n

Cheating and copying in the exam is not
behaviour n

The behaviour of her
children is terrible. They are always breaking things.
tough adj

He thinks he’s tough but he’s really quite a weak person.
therapy n

He decided to get therapy to try and cure his
drug problem.
desperate adj

He was so desperate to see her that he
waited outside her house all day.
blame v

You can’t blame me because I didn’t do it.
experience n

He hasn’t worked before so
he has no job experience.
physical activity n

If you don’t do
any exercise or physical activity, you’ll get ill.
feel sorry for v

We feel sorry for Helen
because she’s always on her own with no friends.
out of control

Be careful of that dog!
It’s out of control and might attack someone.
troubled adj

She was a troubled child who lived in a poor
area with a lot of problems.
have a drug problem n

You smoke and drink so much! I think you have a drug problem.
end up v

I want to be a musician but I’ll probably end up
doing some normal job.
prison n

They spent 25 years in prison for armed robbery.
fault n

The bus didn’t come so it’s not my fault if I’m late.
remarried adj

He was divorced but then he met Becky and
now he’s remarried.
intelligent adj

Linda is brilliant at maths. She’s so
divorced adj

Bill got married but was separated and then
divorced after 6 months.
seriously adv

This isn’t a joke. We need to talk seriously.
hurt adj

She is sensitive and can be easily hurt by what you say.
give up (= stop doing sth) v

Paul is trying to give up
smoking because it is so bad for his health.
body piercing n

My son has just had a body
piercing. He’s got a ring in his tongue.
piercings n pl

He had two piercings, one in his nose, and
another through his tongue.
hike (= long walk) n

They like walking, so we could go for
a hike in the mountains.
be responsible v

It was my mistake.
I’m responsible for the damage.
discuss v

Lets talk about it and discuss all the
possibilities first.
psychologist n

She decided to
analyse all her problems so she went to see a psychologist.
average adj

Jamie wasn’t very clever at school, he
was just average.
depressed adj

Rob felt depressed and
unhappy after his parents died.
feel depressed adj

If you feel depressed, do
something you enjoy and you’ll feel better.
shocked adj

We were surprised and shocked to hear that he
was so ill.
cried (past tense of cry) v

I cried and felt sad for days after
he left me.
affect v

Drugs and alcohol can affect a teenager’s
horrible (to sb) adj

When she was a child,
Paula was a bully and she was horrible to other kids.
nurse n

Doctors work hard but a nurse also
has a very difficult job.
orders (follow orders) n pl

In the army you need discipline and you have to follow
incredible adj

It’s incredible that they won because
they played so badly.
incredible adj

It’s incredible that they won because
they played so badly.
self-control n

He always does what he
wants; he hasn’t got much self-control.
army n

1,000 soldiers from the British army were sent to
frightening adj

We never watch horror films
because they are frightening.
relaxing adj

After such a relaxing weekend, they felt
less stressed.
surprising adj

Federer played brilliantly so it was
surprising when Nadal beat him.
surprised adj

We were surprised they had a dog
because they said they didn’t like animals.
annoying adj

It’s annoying when people tell you what to do
all the time.
exhausting adj

I’m really tired after
running the marathon; it was exhausting.
depressing adj

I hate this cold, grey weather; it’s
very depressing.
footsteps n pl

She couldn’t see anyone but she could hear
footsteps coming towards her.
marathon n

You’ll have to run a long distance every
week if you want to win the marathon.
situation n

We can’t continue in this way; the situation
is impossible.
frightened adj

She isn’t frightened of spiders but she
hates snakes.
boring adj

The film was so boring we nearly fell asleep.
shocking adj

No-one could believe the terrorist attack in
Madrid. It was very shocking.
excited adj

I’ve just won £10,000! I’m so excited!
exciting adj

Have you tried snowboarding? It’s really
confused adj

She was confused and couldn’t decide
what to do.
confusing adj

This maths problem is very confusing.
We can’t understand it.
disappointed adj

We were disappointed because
only two people came to the party.
disappointing adj

I didn’t like the food or the
service in that restaurant; it was quite disappointing.
annoyed adj

She’s annoyed because we forgot her birthday.
fascinated adj

We were fascinated by the painting
because it was very unusual.
fascinating adj

No-one in the audience moved
because the speech was so fascinating.
invite v

Do you think Mark will come if I invite him to
instruction n

If you read out the instructions, I’ll try
and connect the two parts.
spy story n

This is a spy story and it’s
about secret agents working for the Chinese government.
be fed up with

She’s angry and fed up
with John because he never helps at home.
Cheer up!

Cheer up! I’m sure you’ll pass the exam
next time.
sunshine n

It will be a clear day with plenty of
sunshine and no clouds or rain.
be pleased for somebody

I am
pleased for Margie because normally she isn’t a very lucky person.
permanent adj

He’s looking for a permanent job
because he’s tired of working in so many different places.
marital status n

‘What’s your
marital status?’ ‘I’m single.’
occupation n

‘Can I have your name and occupation?’
‘Liz Jones. Dentist.’
delete v

If you delete that line, the paragraph won’t
make sense.
applicable adj

This section isn’t applicable to me. I’m
not married.
postcode n

Their postcode is Manchester, MA5
7F J
signature n

Please put your signature at the
bottom of the letter.
heartache n

When you finish a relationship, the heartache
can be terrible.

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