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building n
spicy adj

brilliant adj

shocking adj

amazing adj

talented adj

historical adj

modern adj

music scene n

temple n

birthplace n

general knowledge n

human n

shark n

hippopotamus n

sightseeing n

comedy n

thriller n
science fiction n

jazz n

rap n

break up v

second hand adj

pleasure n

sunset n

cosmopolitan adj

nationality n

diverse adj

immigrant n

friendliest adj

owner n
mentioned pp

foreigner n

community n

vitality n

population n

fluency n

character n

In the series Friends, Jennifer Aniston
plays the character called Rachel.
advantage n

The advantage of living in the centre is
that you have everything near you.
principle n

One principle her parents taught her was to
work hard.
afford v

We can’t afford to go on holiday this year; we
haven’t got much money.
get on well

We get on well
because we like the same things.
be accepted v

Steve won’t be accepted for
the job; he hasn’t got much experience.
get better

The weather will get better this
stare v

Don’t stare at the computer screen too long.
baker’s (shop) n

The cakes and bread in that
baker’s are really delicious.
greengrocer’s (shop) n

usually buy fruit and vegetables at the greengrocer’s near their house.
grocer’s (shop) n

Can you get me
some flour from the grocer’s shop?
homeland n

If you lived abroad for many years,
would you forget your homeland?
neighbour n

When we go away on holiday our next
door neighbour looks after our pets.
passion n

They love animals and they have a passion for
friendship n

Their friendship began because they
had a lot of things in common.
stick together (= stay together) v, coll

The Chinese community in this area stick together and
don’t mix much with other people.
interest n

He finally became a painter because of his
interest in art.
separate adj

Do you share a room with your brother or do
you have separate bedrooms?
independence n

When did India get
independence from the British Empire?
generous adj

Yolanda is always paying for everyone.
She’s very generous.
be fed up (with) adj

He’s going to
look for another job because he’s fed up with this one.
messy adj

Can you tidy up the kitchen? It’s so messy after
you cook!
rude adj

That waiter wasn’t very helpful; infact he was quite
absolutely adv

I’m absolutely certain the Eiffel Tower is
in Paris.
untidy adj

Sally leaves things all over her room in a
mess; she’s very untidy.
impolite adj

We were surprised that Paul was so rude
because he isn’t normally impolite.
miserable adj

We didn’t enjoy the weekend away because the weather was cold, wet and miserable.
polite adj

If you are invited to dinner, it is polite to take a
mean adj

Eddie never spends any money. He’s
really mean.
book (a room) v

We’d like to book a double room
for the weekend.
online adj

You can check the website for information if you go
online now.
hostel n

If we don’t have much money, we can stay in a
hostel instead of a hotel.
leaflet n

This leaflet gives you all the basic information
about prices.
run v

Only the best athletes can run in the marathon.
tour n

They bought a caravan and went on a tour
round France.
check in

They arrive at 9 pm so they plan to
check in at the hotel at about 9.30.
gender n

We’re studying women’s equality and
gender issues this term.
expiry date n

booking fee n

terms and conditions n pl

trip n

sights n pl

sightseeing tour n

backpack n

thief n

industrial adj

fashionable adj
contemporary adj

sculpture n

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