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havoc (play havoc with sth) n

He’s very temperamental and plays havoc with the press.
sidewalk (= pavement) n

Do American speakers
say pavement or sidewalk?
corridor n

The dining room and the kitchen are
separated by a long corridor.
employ v

We decided to employ the first
candidate we interviewed for the job.
organize v

It’s a good idea to make a plan and
organize your work before you start it.
fire (from a job) v

They decided to fire Sarah because she was always late for work.
courage n

He’s not very brave so he didn’t have the courage to
tell her.
danger n

They went parachuting because they like risk
and danger.
industry n

Not many people work in the car industry
because everything is done by robots.
upset adj

I know you feel sad and upset at the
moment but things will get better.
flopped (= been unsuccessful) pp /in

thought the record would be a success but it flopped.
art n

The new art gallery has some fantastic paintings.
artist n

He’s a graffiti artist and he painted the walls in
this street.
politics n pl

She’s been in politics for many years and she’s
done a lot of work for the council.
politician n

My dad is a politician and he won the
local elections.
interpreter n

We need an interpreter
because we don’t speak German.
account n

Open an account with that bank, they offer good
accountant n

We need to employ an accountant
to manage the company finances.
science n

At school, I hated science, especially physics
and chemistry.
decorate v

We wanted to paint and decorate the
house in a different way.
decorator n

I don’t like the style of this room, so I’m going to find a decorator to change it.
library n

When you go to the library, can you take back
these books I borrowed?
librarian n

He loves books so he’s decided to get
a job as a librarian.
photographer n

The photographer sold the
picture to the newspapers for thousands of pounds.
electric adj

Jimi Hendrix was one of the most famous
electric guitar players of all time.
electrician n

Do you know a good electrician
because the lights aren’t working in this building?
law n

Zoe studies law at university; she wants to become a
lawyer n

Kate is a lawyer. She spends a lot of time in
invitation n

We didn’t get a formal invitation to the
wedding so we didn’t go.
decision n

She usually spends a long time thinking
about it before she makes a decision.
organization n

Oxfam is a non government
organization with projects in many developing countries.
explain v

Ask the teacher to explain it if you don’t
understand the problem.
explanation n

Please give your boss a written
explanation of why you want to take time off.
employer n

It’s his company and he has a good
reputation as an employer.
employment n

It’s difficult to find employment
in this city as all the best jobs have been taken.
imagination n

To be a good writer you need
creativity and imagination.
advertise v

It’s better to advertise the product on TV if
you want it to sell.
advertisement n

More people will buy a
product if there is a famous person in an advertisement.
kindness n

We’d like to thank you for all your help
and kindness.
difference n

There is a great difference between your
version and my version of the story.
disastrous adj

The elections were disastrous.
Almost nobody voted.
noisy adj

I’m going to live somewhere quiet in the countryside
because this city is so noisy.
ambitious adj

If you want to get to the top, you have to
be ambitious.
ten-pound note n

Have you got a
ten-pound note for these two fives?
alive adj

The police thought everyone was dead after the train
accident but two people were still alive.
misfortunes n pl

Many gossip magazines
publish stories about the bad luck and misfortunes of celebrities.
tragedy n

The death of so many civilians in the war was
a real tragedy.
paparazzi n pl

Robbie Williams is coming which is
why there are hundreds of paparazzi photographers at the door.
heir n

Prince Charles is heir to the throne in England.

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