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gap year n

They’re going to take a gap year
between school and university
plan n

We should get organised and make a plan before we start.
as soon as

We’ll call you as soon as we arrive at the
old people’s home n

George is 95 and
has no family so he has to live in an old people’s home.
save v

Do you spend all your money when you get it or do you
save some?
chase v

Leave your dog at home because it will chase my cats
round the garden.
wild adj

You’ll see a lot of wild animals if you visit that national
park in South Africa.
insect n

The red back spider is a very dangerous insect.
sunburnt adj

He stayed in the sun all day so
now he is sunburnt.
the bush (= African/Australian countryside) n

You’ll definitely see kangaroos if you go to the Australian bush.
join v

If you want to join the gym, you need to fill in this
form and get a member’s card.
army n

1,000 soldiers from the British army were sent to
be fluent (in a language) adj

She’s fluent in French but she can’t speak Spanish so well.
salary n

Nurses have asked for a salary increase as they think
they aren’t paid enough.
flight n

British Airways flight 409 has been delayed.
message n

They’ve just sent us a message by email.
answerphone n

I can’t leave her a message
because her answerphone isn’t on.
Take care!

Don’t forget to
write while you are away and take care!
favour n

Can you do me a favour and go shopping today
because I haven’t got time?
fortune (= a lot of money) n

Most professional
footballers make a fortune these days. I think they get too much money.
tablet n

Take half an aspirin tablet, not a whole one.
get on well (with sb) v

) We get on well with our boss. He’s very friendly and easygoing.
mess n

My desk is a mess. I should tidy it before
addict n

He had to have special therapy because he was a
drug addict.
escape v

He wants to get away for a while and escape from his
everyday routine.
travel brochure n

We’ve got a holiday in
a month so I’m going to the travel agent’s to ask for a travel brochure.
brochure n

Let’s look in the holiday brochure and
check the prices of hotels.
including prep

The whole team was at the football
match, including Gerry who was still injured.
settle v

It’s difficult to stay in one place and settle
when you’ve been travelling.
consultant n

Pete is a financial consultant. He gives
people advice about what to do with their money.
stressful adj

Carol’s life is so stressful. She
never has time to rest.
run away v

She wanted to escape and run away from
all the problems in her life.
firework n

Don’t light that firework until I’ve put the
baby to bed because she’s scared of loud noises.
without doubt

We definitely enjoyed the trip to
Patagonia. It was the best, without doubt.
carefree adj

Margie never seems to be stressed or worried
about things. She’s a very carefree person.
carefree adj

Margie never seems to be stressed or worried
about things. She’s a very carefree person.
distance n

Is the distance very far between his house
and yours?
freedom n

My parents don’t give me much freedom. I have
to do what they say and be home early at night.
awful adj

This food is awful! It tastes disgusting!
debt n

We spent more money than we had last year so now we
are in debt.
routine n

Pauline doesn’t have a regular routine.
She does something different every day.
earn v

I earn good money in my job.
readjust v

After he
retired, it took Tom some time to adapt and readjust because he had so much
normal adj

We don’t think her behaviour was normal; in fact,
it was rather strange.
retired adj

My father retired when he was 60.
I can’t see the point coll

Why do we have to do this? I can’t see the point.
sailor n

My cousin is a sailor and she works for the Royal
navy n

My uncle is in the navy and he has been made captain
of the ship.
environment n

Pollution and greenhouse gases are
destroying the environment.
put sb off sth (= stop sb liking sth) v

I hate insects so it put me off going on holiday to the Amazon
unwillingness n

She often refuses to
help and her unwillingness makes people angry.
destination n

We’re flying via New York but our final
destination is L.A.
ruin v

If you cook the food too fast, you’ll ruin the
dinner and it will taste horrible.
desire n

They want to travel and their greatest desire is to
see the pyramids.
wood n

I prefer the table which is made of wood and not plastic.
pond n

My grandparents have got a pond in their garden with
goldfish and ducks.
path n

You can get to her house if you walk up the path.
gate n

Please shut the gate when you leave the field or the animals
might escape.
pros and cons

Before we reach a
conclusion, we need to consider the pros and cons of the argument.
crowded adj

This restaurant is very crowded. Shall we go
somewhere with fewer people?
delayed adj

Sorry I’m late but the train was delayed for an
traffic jam n

We almost never get to work on
time because we are often in a traffic jam on the motorway.

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