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X-ray n

The doctor gave me an X-ray to see if my
bones were broken.
discovered pp

X-rays were discovered by Wilhelm
machine n

The photocopy machine has broken again.
human adj

An adult human has a more intelligent brain than most animals.
bone n

I broke a bone in my arm so now I can’t write.
experiment v

The students did an
experiment in the chemistry lesson.
electricity n
Can you imagine life without
light or electricity?
immediately adv

She doesn’t want to wait for the results of
the test; she wants to know immediately.
operation n

He’s just had an operation and he’s still
recovering in hospital.
body n

Police have found the body of a man under a
bridge and suspect it is murder.
cut open v

Check the X-ray before you cut open
the patient.
awarded pp

She was awarded first prize in the young
writer’s competition.
invention n

Which is the better invention, the TV or the
imaging n

Computer imaging was first introduced in
the 1970’s.
criminal n

DNA can help identify a criminal at the
scene of the crime.
illegal adj

You can’t park your car in this street. It’s illegal.
item n

You can take more than 1 item of clothing into the
changing rooms.
luggage n

I had three suitcases so my luggage was very heavy
and I had to pay extra on the flight.
work of art n

Some people say his painting is a
work of art but I think it’s awful.
fault n

He didn’t do anything wrong. It isn’t his fault.
develop v

Did he develop the theory by accident?
produce v

The company will produce and sell more cars
next year.
helicopter n

Is it more dangerous
to fly in a plane or a helicopter?
climb v

He wants to climb Mount Everest next year.
match v

They tried to match the DNA to the suspect of the
century n

The Arabs brought paper to Europe in the
10th century.
paper mill n

After the Arabs brought paper to
Europe, where was the first paper mill built?
cloth n

The Chinese made paper from plants and cloth.
gun n

There were no shots fired so he didn’t have a gun.
papyrus n
The Egyptians made papyrus, which was
similar to paper.
government official n Nick doesn’t work for a private company. He’s a government official
at the national bank.
government official n
keep a secret v
a cure n

the truth n

There is no point in lying; you have to
tell us the truth.

You can find out about your family, health and
personality from your DNA.
discovery n

The discovery of penicillin has changed
our lives.
lie n

We know it’s not the truth because he finally told us it was a lie.
complaint n
weight n

He’s lost weight since he’s been doing exercise.
give sb a lift v

I’ve got the car so I can give
you a lift to the station.
passenger n
We’re waiting for one last
passenger to get on this plane.
passenger n

We’re waiting for one last
passenger to get on this plane.
briefcase n
He was carrying all his papers in his
briefcase, which he lost on the way home.
be homesick adj

haben Most young people are
homesick when they first live away from their family.
make a complaint v

penicillin n

One medicine which has cured many
illnesses is penicillin.
weblink n

We were looking for information on the internet
and we found a good weblink to another site.
structure n

Is the structure of each cell exactly the
company n

We work for a multinational company in the
city centre.
cure n

We hope they will find a cure for cancer in the
disease n

Cancer is a disease which scientists are still
result n

search engine n

Google is a very popular
internet search engine.
cell n

One cell in your body contains your DNA.
contain v
borrow v
commit (a crime) v
dream of v
be related to (sb) v

recently adv

successful adj

Google is successful because it’s fast, easy
and accurate.
unique adj

suspect n

guilty adj
chemical adj

project n

pick v

science fiction n

popularity n
memory n

worldwide adj

accurate adj

annoy v

complain v
automated adj

domestic adj

technology n

press v

miracle n

meaning n

mean v, adj

ring v, n

annoy v

technology n

press v

miracle n

plastic n

litter n

be broke (= have no money) v

dialogue n

rarely adv

monster n

novel (= book) n
translated pp

published pp

plot n

poet n

graveyard n

heartbroken adj

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