English module 6 enjoying yourself

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private enterprise, initiative
youthful (rebellion)
a youthful mistake
genre, kind, type
a celebrity following
a wide and varied experience of performing live
fashionable with
classical musician
to appeal to a wider audience
teen spirit, spirit of teens
the least offensive music
he brings a contemporary broad
approach to jazz
to do a gig
cruise liner
a gifted but self-taught performer
he provokes extremes of love
loathing amongst, dislike, hatred
he plays by ear
does this on-stage smooth (unruffled, cool) behavior come naturally to him?
the wrongs of the world
its been neglected, it has been neglected
she is one of the most interesting vocal acts
act, performer
an accomplished, skilled musician
helpe by the present vogue, fashion, trend for all things retro they have achieved a cult following
a convenient, useful, functional way to pay
lyrics, words uf a song
tune, melody
the video released last week has sold a million
musical event
to write a review
to recommend
a brief description
an attention-grabbing, catching introduction
they hit their notes with gusto
note, transcript of sound, sound
on stage
the first track on the disk
the plot, the story line is very thin
classical art
landscape painting
art exhibition
the sketches appeal to me
I adore her drawings
a sculpture
Which is the odd one out?
for younger viewers
the final act of the play
rehearsal (verb. rehearse)
box office
to clap and boo
focus on the speaker s main idea
to overhear
venues throughout the city
classical and cutting-edge theatre
managerial skills
to appear agreeable, pleasant
it puts us to ease
they talk politics

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