Phrasal Verbs

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ask for news about
stop demanding sth, stop saying that you will do sth
decide not to do sth you agreed to do
depend on sth happening
stop working (for a machine)
escape (from prison)
start suddenly (for war, fire)
start a journey
start doing sth in a determindes or enthousiastic way
start (a business, organisation..)
become calm after being upset
stay in one place or get married and live quietly
take sb on a tour of a place
try to attract peoples attention and make them admire you (usually used negatively)
decrease speed
increase speed
represent (for abbreviations and symbols)
put up with
do somebodys job for them while they are not available
be easy to see because of being different
support in an argument or fight
surprise (usually in passive voice)
look or behave like an older relative
write down what someone says
trick sb into believing sth that is not true
become successful or populary very fast
leave the ground
remove (a piece of clothing)
start to employ
accept (work or responsibility)
take control of (a business..)
begin to like
start (as a habit)
start (a hobby, sport)
fill an amount of space/time
destroy or remove (for buildings, statues)
rip into pieces
get rid of, discard
put on (a piece of clothing) to see how it looks and wether it fits
experiment with
not accept (an offer, request)
change into sth different
stop a machine working
develop in a particular way or have a particular result
turn a page so that the other side is towards you
go back in the opposite direction
appear unexpectedly or without making a firm arrangement
stop being effective (for a drug)
become old and unusable
fint the solution to a problem
change the date or time of an event so it happens earlier
introduce a new law or system
cause (an illness)
produce and start to sell a new product
look after a child until he or she becomes an adult
start discussing a subject
require, need
perform an experiment
become popular or fashionable
reach the same level/point as
follow sb/sth quickly in order to catch them
register in a hotel or an airport
leave a hotel
become brighter and better (for weather)
stop operating (for companies)
happen again
be persuaded to change your mind (about)
find sth or meet sb by chance
get sth especially sth that is hard to get
start to suffer from a minor illness
offer help or information
develop or make progress
start to be broadcast
be published
become conscious
think of (an idea, a plan)
rely on, trust
draw a line through sth written
do less of (smoking)
reduce an amount of
make a place difficult or impossible to enter
stop the supply of sth
if something dawns on you, you realise it for the first time
handle, cope with
become less noisy, powerful or active
get rid of
repair, paint or improve
live without (sth you cant afford)
put on fancy or unusual clothes
visit unexpectedly
let someone get out of a vehicle
fall asleep
leave school cefore you have finished a course
prevent a sound from being heard by making a louder noise
accept sth and try to deal with it
fall in love
believe (a lie/joke/trick)
have an argument with and stop being friends
feel well enough to do
add information in the spaces on a document
discover information
turn and look at the pages of a magazine
kae sb feel sad or lose hope
have a good relationship (with)
try to express
escape punishment for
return form a place
manage to survive
have a good relationship
be almost a particular time, age, number
continue doing
recover from
start (after planning to do sth for a long time)
use all of, finish
do, do sth you should not do
give free of charge
reveal sth you are trying to hide
stop making an effort to achieve sth difficult
produce sth such as heat or a smell
stop doing sth you do regularly
go on holiday
be remembered for having done sth
enter (a competition)
deal with sth in detail
be no longer fresh
explode, be fired
stop liking
continue happening or do sth
do sth after doing sth else
repeat or thing about again in order to unferstand completely
go7come to sbs house to vistit them
if sth grows on you, you start to like it more
develop from
become too big for
become older
give sth valuable to your children or grandchildren, usually when you die
give a person in authority
give things to people in a group
rob while threatening violenece
participate, take part
continue doing sth
stay at the same point/level
defeat and remove from a competition
make unconsicous
not include
give little or no punishment
make a bomb explode
get/put into lines
use as a source of money
take care
think that you are better than
be careful
admire and respect
try to find information in a book
pretend that something is true
see, hear or understand sb ir sth with difficulty
write all the necessary information on a cheque
become friends again after an argument
invent an explanation, excuse
create a story, poem
provide sth good, so that sth bad seems less important
go in the direction of
give sb or sth the same name as sb or sth else
reduce the number of possibilities
suddenly become unconscious
keep treating someone badly or unfairly
stop in a vehicle to give someone a lift
connect to the electricity supply
stop by the side of the road in a car
stop being involved in an activity
survive (a serious illness)
save an amount of mones fot he future
criticise, make someone badly or unfairly
kill (a sick/old animal)
suggest that sth is the result of
delay, postpone
make sb not want to do or not like sth
gain (weight)
hold, perform
make st stop burning
connect by phone
meet by chance
not have any left
hit with a car
do sth or deal with sth
save money little by little
go to train station to see someone leave
recognise taht sth is not true and not be ticked by it
continue to the end of sth unpleasant or difficult
deal with
start and be likly to continue sfor a while
explain, describe sth in a clear and detailed way
start working on sth in order to achieve an aim

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