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an owl
a woodpecker
a bee
a beehive
a blackbird
a squirrel
a squirrel eats seeds
a rabbit
a butterfly
one mouse
two mice
a fox
the fox has a red fur
a snail
an ant
a deer
a hedgehog
a spider
a cricket
ants sting
bees sting
a mouse is afraid of the cat
a tree trunk
a tree has roots
a tree has many branches
the ground
a rope
a pile of leaves
a hedgehog lives in pile of leaves
to build
I want to build a tree house
a board
to hammer
i hammer a nail to the wall
a nail
many nails
hurt the tree
the crown of a tree
a nest
a beehive
a twig
a branch
a leaf / many leaves
the bark of a tree
an anthill
a trunk
a log
the compost
the ground
The tree has new shoots
a chestnut
an acom

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