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Name the basics shapes of MRF´s
Which additional effects have to be considered and how?
How´s the marginal revenue defined?
What´s the elasticity in general?
Which types of elasticites do you know (3) ?
What are the main advantages / disadvantages of a linear response function?
Advantages / Disadvantages of a non linear multiplicative function
Pros / Cons of a response function with saturation limit - modified exponential model
What the basic equation for a multiplicative non linear response function?

What the basic equation for a response function with saturation limit?

What the basic equation for an ADBUDG s-shaped response function?

Pro´s / Con´s of ADBUDG function
Explain the relevance of carry over effects, why do the have to be considered?
What´s the main issue when modelling a response function with lag structure?
Which parameters are left to be estimated after the Koyck transformation? What´s the marketing multiplier?

What can you say about simple lag structures?
What kind of interactions among marketing instruments do exist?
What can you say about sales interdependencies among products in general?

Which key figures are used to describe the interdependencies?
What models are available to include competition in response functions?

How would you evaluate the attraction response function?
Graphical overview of parameter estimation

Within the objective parameter estimation, which aggregation problems have to be considered?
What measures to establish comparability of market response data do you know?

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