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Do you devote the right amount of time to each?
everyone has one soul mate
to go out with

to date someone
to get on with
to be a couple
to fall in love with

to start to love
extremely full

to drop off to sleep

to fall asleep
I pulled out my book
I caught the eye of the man
he gave me a little nod
to stare at
to blush

to feel yourself blushing
his head was resting on her arm
she was very embarrassed


she smiled her appreciation
she reached her stop
she got to her feet

she stood up
he did sth. out of character


to curl up
discomfort of
a weird compulsion

a strange urge
to be addictive

to cause addiction
he has an addictiv personality
rod line and hook
outdoor pursuits
coarse fishing
to dangle a worm in the wather
to drag artificial flies across the surface of the water
to lure the fish
didnt get off to a good start
getting on well with

to progress

to succeed
to stop work

to get off work earlier
before we get down to serious rehearsals
on behalf of
extra staff are taken on

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