Market Research

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Four steps in the market research process?
How may be a research?
When may the research be exploratory?
When may the research be descriptive?
When may the research be causal?
Secondary data?
With which data do you deal with if you develop the research plan?

Second step in the market research process
Primary data?
3 main research approaches
Observational approach?

When is it most suited?
Experimental approach?

For which research is this approach the best suited?

For which research are they most suited?
How can information be gathered?
Developing the research plan,

Sampling plan 3 variables?
Developing the research plan

Research instruments?
3rd phase in market research

Implementation phase
4th phase in market research

Interpretation and reporting
Pro & Contra contact method mail
Contact methods

pro & contra telephone
Pro & Contra Contct methods
Give 2 examples for causal research objectives
Where can you find secondary data?
Haben Sie ein Auto?
Von welcher Marke ist Ihr Auto?
Warum haben Sie dieses Auto gekauft?
Würden Sie gerne einen Viertürer fahren?
Was ist das wichtigste Ausstattungsmerkmal in Ihrem Auto?
Darf ich Ihnen einige Fragen über Ihre Autovorlieben stellen?
Bevorzugen Sie Gangschaltung oder Automatik bei einem Auto?
Was ist Ihnen wichtig?
Für was benutzen Sie Ihr Auto?
Ist Ihnen ein umweltfreundliches Auto wichtig?
Ist Ihnen die Motorleistung, der Preis, die Kosten wichtig?
Ist Ihnen wichtig, dass Ihr Auto weniger Benzin verbraucht?
Von welcher Marke ist Ihr Auto?
interview bias
street interview vs. focus group
The advantages of a structured survey
The disadvantages of a structured survey?
Experimental research relationship between weather and the occurence of psychological depression?
Another decision which has to be made concerns the sampling plan. A sample is a segment of the population selected to represent the population as a whole. There are three variables here: firstly the sample unit, i.e. who is to be sampled. Secondly the sample size, i.e. how many should be surveyed? Thirdly the sampling procedure, i.e. how should the people be chosen: at random, at convenience, on the basis of prejudgement?
Structured survey?
Unstructured survey

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