Fawlty Towers

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at the hospital - in a private room - Sybil is sitting up in bed - eating chocolates - Basi is visiting -
she has her bed jacket brought and need her telephone book - she is about to undergo an operation because of her ingrowing toe nail - the Germans are arriving tomorrow at lunchtime - before Basil has to do the fire drill and to put the moose s head up - the simple operation will be painful - later in the evening at 6 o clock - meets in the lobby Major Gowen - Polly comes in and is looking for her phrase book - she bothers with the Germans because some of them do not speak English - The Major goes back in the bar - Basil needs a hammer to knock the nail in - Manuel from the kitchen - thinks this out - instead of bringing a hammer sandwich or a hamster - tidy the desk - practises his English and bends - the Major hears Manuel but can only see the moose on the desk - remarkable animal for only 12 pounds - the moose i up - Mr Moose falls off the wall on to Basil s head - the phone rings and Basil rushes to the receiver - falls over Manuel - place a vase of flowers on the desk - what are you striking the place out with these for - being ironed -
next morning -in reception - replacing the moose - clear the building - come to the fire drill - the phone rings - can not leave him in peace - need the key - opens the safe and the burglar alarm goes off - guests are going out - it was not the fire bell - guests start to leave - Manuel starts the chips - only practice so the guests know what it is like when he does ring the fire bell - switching it off - The Major believes the there are burglars - Basil can not cope - Manuel sets the chip pan alight - and then sets fire to his gloves and spreads the fire around the kitchen - by accident - rushes out - thrown into the kitchen by Basil - fuego, fuego, fuego - shut up - shouting - pushed back in the kitchen - Manuel is still howling - de nada, de nada - switching off the bell - terrific - the first time they have ever had a fire in the hotel and he has lost the key - smash the glass with his fist and injures himself - throws the typewriter at the glass - it misses - Basil passes out on the floor by hitting his head on Manuel s frying-pan
white turbanlike bandage - has had a concussion - he must rest - in the hospital again- there is not much damage - he feels needed - protests to stay at the hospital - right as rain - Polly meanwhile is on the phone and calls the doctor while Basil welcomes the Germans - makes fun of the Germans - hat the Germans - places a finger under his nose preparatory to doing his Hitler impression - ladies begin to sob - the men are angry - the Germans invaded Poland - the audience is stunned - both German women are in tears and both men on their feet - he performes his exagerated goose-step out into the lobby - marches back into the dining room - not mention the war - the doctor comes in with a hypodermic needle ready - come with me - he escapes - he is knocked cold by the moose
to despise
verzweifelt sein
Methode, Weg
to keep so. from doing sth.
to trie his best
keep Sybil out of his plans
Sybil is verbally abusive
Basil laments the relationship when there was still passion
Basil is terrified of his wife
Basil s plans conflict with the demands of his wife
he is forced to be pleasant to everyone/ all his guests even if he despises them
to climb the social ladder
provide to speak Spanish and German
a high- water-mark in TV comedy
a dream - to burst like a bubble
not reasonable
no identification - but familiar situations
wants to become a grand hotelier
belongt to the middle classes
loner, does not like communication
hopless failures
no reflection about what he does
to try to blame sb else


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