Adjektivs-Verbs + prepositions

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appeal to

nervous about + ing

effect upon + noun

effect on + noun

guilty of

insist on + ing

interested in + noun / ing
consist of + noun
agree with (someone)

agree on (something)
proud of + noun
anxious about + noun

differ from

afraid of + noun/ing
married to + person
show signs of + noun

different from + noun

different of + noun
belong to
bad at
conform to

happy with

happy about

believe in
full of
anstonished by
approve of

keen on

good at
take part in

hopeless at

research in

research into

accuse (somebody) of

similar to
debate on

debate about
(to be) fond of
lead to

disappointed in

disappinted with + somebody
translate into
identical to

fall in love with
suffer from

relevant to

popular with

refer to

acceptable to

decide on

threaten (somebody) with

apply for

dissatisfied with

fluent in

charge (somebody) with

worried about

succeed in

annoyed with
tired of

impressed with

kind of
polite to

responsible for

satisfied with

shocked by

surprised at

wrong to

typical of

used to
conform to

absent from
better at
guilty of
keen on
late for

opposed to

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