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Hello, how are you?
could you enjoy your stay
How was the workshop?
How was the workshop?
did you enjoy your training
what did you like the most
May I introduce Jesus to you if you have not known
He is responsible for
Working togehter with ludmilla is great or perfect because she did a good job and help me allways with a great support.
You know each other?
what about a coffee in the cafeteria
Sorry to bother you, but ...
now we have a short meeting

the subject is:

how we work together,

how we can improve our communication
thank you for your support
I would like to introduce myself quickly to you
is that ok for you
do you have holidays after this day or weekend
It was nice to come in touch with you
nice to meet you
Many thanks for coming (and visiting us)
it is approxamatley 50 miles far away from flawil
my aim or goal is

to improve the cooperation between headquarter and the affiliates

by informing
do you have any ideas how we can improve our cooperation or do have any feedback
how we can support you
He is very helpful, well organized,

The colleagues are very helpful
He often collaborates with me
The topic of the meeting is: how we work togetheter, what can we improve
How long will you stay in switzerland

tommorow you will fly back to brazil, is that correct.
do you have appointment now, or meeting or do you have allready weekend
i hope you had a good business week - trainings
i look forward to reading/hear from you
It was nice to come in touch with you
I thank you for this conversation and wish you all the best for the future.

have a good journey

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