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to discourage sby

to encourage sby to do sth
- I was starving after this long party night
- she often starve herself

- the starvation (of the body)-- He starved to death

- the famine in Africa
an expression

an idiom
the manner

(important) manners in Asia

as it is good manners...

you must be pulling my legs

The bar keeps getting higher
phrasel verbs

... up

... off

... away
-the weather puts me off

-pleace, put away your toys
-put out a fire/the light
- he put up his arms

- I am going to put in for a job
- I cannot put up with her
I have to clear up him

to cut up a cake in parts
to cut off a piece of the cake
try to cut down on the coffees

the bombs go off at 9.00
we have run out of lemons

the milk is gone off

I feel like a cold drink
behaviour REVEALs a lot about the character

as a PRECAUTION, I never DIVULGE OF my previous life

PEJORATIVE expressions:

to remain aloof from sby
to involve sby

he is open-handed

I am thrilled with my job

to admit the truth of sth

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