FCE - Unit 5

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the glue

to glue a piece on the other
pickles /gherkins ar mostly pickled in vinegar

vinegar and oil
a tube of toothpaste
a can of pineapple
a cigarette packet
a box of chocolat
a jam jar
a plastic bag to carry
a bottle of wine
I am feeling like ice cream

I feel like an idiot
I am afraid to go to Africa

I am afraid of being alone

I am anxious about flying a long distance

I am anxious to walk through the gloomy forest
I am going to work in Canada

I will visit him

We will be meet us tomorrow

I am seeing the boss

what is the purpose of?

I prepared it to no purpose

he does it on purpose

He purpose a change of job
the contents (no singular form) of a jar

to be content with one piece

you do not content me

this juice is rich in content

in form und content correct
how do we get rid of this rubbish?

do you want to get rid of me?

get rid of it!

to rid the old stair of our parent s house
you cheat on your partner!

the cheat does a cheat
do you want some parcels on Christmas day?

they boxed it in parcels

Parcels must be numbered consecutively
to dispose sth

to dispose of a lot of stamps

a (ash) disposal
the disposal costs
end to end

If all cans used in Switzerland were placed end to end....
I am going to bin this old case

to bin sth

a bin
a bin bag

a invention

a intention

a indention
to release tension

the tenseness

the waste goes to the bin
a parcel with a sophisticated package
to snip something


to attend something
to strike a match

wood floats on water

revise your sentence

threatening letter
tear the recipe out

cut down a tree

tear up this letter

cut up the cake
He gave me advice (no "s")

he advises me very well
the item
to spoil
the rudiments of wisdom

a pitch

the remains nourishes the soil

to grind up something
bits of plywood and fuel pile up in the sewage

waste paper is burnt to provide new energy

it is dearer than an apple

Gradually, metal can be obtained from ore rocks

the destruction of wildlife

species could be extinct
vast amounts of money

the source of energy

to shatter (the peace)
outskirts (no singular form)
surroundings (no singular)

to set up a company at a remote place
the beacon

the peak of something

The Dales of Yorkshire

to set down
to set in
to set off / out
to set off

to set sth
the permission / to permit sth

the bridle of a horse
to bridle

an obstruction on a bridleway

for recreation

a custom

a consent

to extend sth

we remain to the footpath

sie blieben übrig am Schluss

it is a grat shame

he is regarded as a lazy man

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