Coperate Management English 5

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1. Information gathered include:
2. CRM means . . .
3. CRM analysts develop . . . and use sophisticated . . . techniques to unearth the riches hidden in customer data.
4. Name some established CRM technology providers:
5. Internal information can come from many departments. Name at least four of them:
6. How would you name USAA´ s approach?
7. Internal databases usually can be accessed more . . . than other information sources
8. Marketing intelligence is the systematic collection and analysis of . . . information about competitors and developments in the marketing environment.
9. Marketers can obtain the needed information from internal data, marketing intelligence, and . . .
10. The goal of marketing intelligence is to improve strategic decision making, assess and track . . . actions, and provide early warning of opportunities and threats.
11. Much intelligence can be collected from people . . . the rival companies - executives, engineers and scientists, purchasing agents, and the sales force.
12. The . . . is proving to be a vast new source of competitor-supplied information.
13. The growing use of marketing intelligence raises a number of . . . issues.
14. Marketing research can help marketers assess market potential and market share; understand . . . satisfaction and purchase behaviour; and measure the effectiveness of pricing, product, distribution, and promotion activities.
15. The marketing research process has four steps:
16. Marketing managers and researchers must work closely together to define the . . . and agree on research objectives.
17. A marketing research project might have one of three types of research:
18. To gather preliminary information that will help define the problem and suggest hypotheses is th objective of:
19. To describe things, such as the market potential for a product or the demographics and attitudes of consumers who buy the product, is a objective of:
20. To test hypotheses about cause-and-effect relationships is a objective of:
21. The research plan outlines
22. The research plan should be presented in a written proposal and should cover
23. Explain the differences between secondary data and primary data.
24. Why do researchers usually start by gathering secondary data?
25. What are the main problems regarding secondary data research?
26. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of primary data research?
27. When do you definitely need primary data?
28. A plan for primary data collection calls for decisions on . .
29. Name at least 3 German well known companies specialised in primary research (if necessary, do an online-search)
30. Research Methods include . . .
31. What are the main contact methods in primary data research?
32. Gathering primary data by observing relevant people, actions, and situations is called:
33. A company that wants to know about people s knowledge, attitudes, preferences, or buying behavior can often find out by asking them directly. Thisapproach is called:
34. Whereas observation is best suited for exploratory research and surveys for descriptive research, . . . is best suited for gathering causal information.
35. Which researchmethod tries to explain cause-and-effect relationships?
36. Which contact method shows the lowest flexibility?
37. Which contact method shows the lowest cost level?
38. How can the control of the sample in online surveys get improved?
39. Personal interviewing takes two forms:
40. Why the name focus group interviewing?
41. Increasingly, marketing researchers are collecting primary data through . . . marketing research: . . . surveys, experiments, and online focus groups.
42. Marketing researchers usually draw conclusions about large groups by studying a small sample of the total consumer population. A sample is a . . . of the population selected to represent the population as a whole.
43. If every member of a population has a known and equal chance of selection, this sampling method is called:
44. When you ask people to complete a sentence: "When I choose an airline, the most important consideration is . . ." - this is a . . . Question.
45. Researchers must process and analyze the collected data to isolate . . .
46. The researcher should not try to overwhelm managers with . . . . Rather, the researcher should present important findings that are useful in making the major decisions faced by management.
47. Sometimes managers may be biased - they might tend to accept research results that show what they . . . .
48. Findings can be interpreted in different ways, and discussions between researchers and managers will help point to the best interpretations. Thus, managers and researchers must. . .

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