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Dear Miss Roser, dear class

(Folie) I welcome you to my lecture about the local administration in Zwingen.

(Folie) My teaching: In August 2010 i began my commercial apprenticeship on the local administration in Zwingen.
In the financial department works the fiancial administrator, two coworker and me as a trainee. The building department becomes to lead from the building administrator. He is responsible for all buildings and the outdoor stuff. In the municipal works yard are three peoples and two trainees.
And now, i will show you the different coworkers. (Folie) she is also the coworker in the social welfare assistance department.

From august 2010 to march, i completed the first part of my apprenticeship in the residence. It was a very exciting time.
In the morning I get the post and if anybody wants a sandwich, I bring them one. Than I open the post and distribute it to the right departements. After that I prepare the break. Afterwards I account the check with the right ledger.
The inhabitants could to rent buildings from the local administration. We have five various spaces and in one space can even marry. On Friday i cash up the cass. So, I make this every day, with few exceptions.

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